Congratulations on your purchase of our Therasage™ Personal Portable Sauna


Cutting Edge personal care product designed with your guaranteed health and wellbeing in mind

According to the latest researches in the subject of creating dry heat, Far Infrared Sauna is the natural detoxification solution and health enhancement device

Durable, easy to use and inexpensive is the deal that comes with this product. Therasage’s home Sauna is supported by scientific studies following its benefits it integrates: Far Infrared heat and “Enriched Air” Negative Ion therapies. The therapeutic health benefits of Far Infrared heat that we require daily for health maintenance are created by heat waves, so our bodies can enjoy the healing effects at a comfortable temperature, significantly lower than other types of saunas.

Personal Portable Sauna along with Negative Ion therapy, puts our skin and body at ease, without having to leave the comfort of your own home, where you will be able to enjoy the unrivaled health benefits of Far Infrared heat and Negative Ions.



  • Ultra‐thin, Active Carbon Fiber (“ACF”) heating elements for beneficial, deep penetrating Far Infrared heat
  • “Enriched Air” Therapy through Negative Ion technology provided by TheraDisk™ tourmaline panels
  • Fast and easy assembly, convenient fold‐up and storage
  • Portable ‐ easy to move from one location to another
  • Brief, five minute warm‐up to preferred temperature
  • Low energy usage
  • Low maintenance, lightweight and portable
  • Multi‐level temperature controller with safety shut‐off
  • Comfortable sports canvas folding chair
  • Antibacterial technology



health and wellbeing

Being a part of the invisible energy emitted from the sun, Far Infrared heat is a natural, safe thermal wave; Far Infrared frequency is the pungent heat we feel on our skin whenever we stand in the sunlight. Trusted enough to be used on newborn babies; effective enough that it is used by NASA for astronauts, and special in such a way that researchers such as Albert Einstein focused and studied its benefits for over 100 years. , You can experience the wellness benefits of Far Infrared heat therapy in the comfort of your home; clinically proven to reduce muscle and joint pain, relax muscles, increase flexibility, improve blood circulation, burn calories, decrease harmful toxins, enhance the immune system, reduce stress and fatigue, improve sleep quality and increase daytime energy and mental alertness.



Bask in the ambience of comfort with Therasage “Enriched Air” Therapy through Negative Ion technology.



What are Negative Ions?

Simply put, they are the mood enhancers of nature, and also natural energy that support health and wellness. The charged particles of negative ions were found profusely at waterfalls, mountains, beaches and after a rainstorm, and their effects researched by scientists. Numerous scientific studies showed that once this beneficial enriched air gets into our bloodstream, the Negative Ions  thereafter produce biochemical reactions that help calm and relieve stress, decrease blood pressure, increase the flow of oxygen to our brain, alleviate depression, boost our daytime energy and increase our defense against infection by enhancing our immune system.


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