Heating Pads

Heating Pads

With Healing Properties

Looking to soothe aching muscles to relieve pain?

Try a heat pad. We offer electrical or battery operated heating pads for the different part of the body, joints, and even for the face to relieve sinus pain.

Safe and effective, heat pads can be used with or as an alternative to medication. Browse the wide selection of heat therapy products at HeatedHut .com for a complete selection of pain relief products: Infrared heating pad as well as aromatherapy – microwavable pads. These pads register temperatures from 76 to 82 °C (169 to 180 °F) and are intended for deep tissue treatment and can be dangerous if left on unattended. Far Infrared heating pads are used mainly by physical therapists but can be found for home use.

 Choose from a wide variety of pain relievers to help you get past the pain and on with your life.


Whether you need Heating wraps for shoulders, neck, elbow, knee or back; pain relief F.IR technology, or migraine and headache relief, we have a varied selection for you.
Electric heating pads, wraps, and cold compresses provide soothing relief from muscle pain and body aches. HeatedHut resell excellent items from brands like Venture Heat, Herbal concepts and Therasage.
Each heating pad is engineered to provide a specific amount of instant heat that evenly radiates warmth to the body to help chase away the cold.
Electric pads usually operate from household current and must have protection against overheating.



Heat Therapy Body Wrap is constructed with Far Infra Red heating technology that uses tiny, unnoticeable conductive fibers that provide instant heat. Simply charge the battery, place it in the flex pouch battery case, connect the plug from the heated wrap to the battery and press the power button. That’s it! Your neck, shoulder or back wrap will warm in just 10 minutes.




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