How to install the Far Infrared Sauna?

How to install the FIR sauna?

Now that your infrared sauna has arrived and you can’t wait to try it, there are some steps left to take before you can enjoy your brand new infrared sauna.

Begin with checking that your packages contain: Find the instruction manual with all of the parts listed identify all of them and check for any defects. Read carefully and patiently the sauna manual to understand how you will bring it all together however If you don’t feel confident with assembly steps you can make a mistake that will cost you time to disassemble and assemble the sauna again or you might can break or scratch something.
Please be advised of how to connect the electrical cord (About 9 feet long) of the sauna that usually extends out from the top roof.  The cord may not reach the outlet if you install near the base of the sauna. This recommendation is for the Therasage Wooden Saunas. The personal sauna are ready to use with any regular outlet.


Here is a video explaining how to install the Far Infrared Sauna:




Personal, Portable Infrared Sauna – Watch video:

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