How to maintain a sauna in a good condition?

How to maintain a sauna in a good condition?

It is recommended to use the special cleaning kit that comes with your Infrared sauna for the interior.  This Therasage infrared sauna cleaning kit has been designed as a wood special cleaner which is very gentle and leaves no spots and made of natural oils which has many antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal qualities: kills germs, viruses, mildew or fungus on wood.

Simply open the zipper to ventilate and cool, remove any condensation or perspiration from the chair and the interior of the unit with  a clean damp cloth.  Do not use any cleaning agents or solvents.

Using a small vacuum cleaner for dust and hair can be a good idea prior to wiping down the sauna’s interior parts.




Ensure your sauna stays new and serve you longer.


Using Bamboo Carbon towels and floor mats on the bench, backrest and floor, is also recommended while using your Therasage infrared sauna to help keep it clean and dry as you sweat that deeply.





After a session in Infrared Sauna have at least 15 minutes of free and do not rush in hurry right after. You should allow your body to cool down a little because switching immediately to a cold environment can be a shock to your body.

When finally taking a shower, remember that your pores are open after sweating and chemicals can easily clog them and penetrate into your body if using a soap, so wash your body with water only and let the blood flow and hyper-oxygenates to return to the normal functioning activity.



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