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StormWalker Jacket (including 1.3mm Fused Cable)

The EXO2 StormWalker Jacket provides warmth at the flip of a switch, even in the most challenging conditions. The heat is transmitted throughout this stylish, slim line garment quickly and evenly, increasing thebody’s core temperature and improving the overall outdoor experience.

A 1.3mm (10A) Fused Battery Cable is included with each StormWalker Jacket.

EXOGLO Men’s Heated Vest *NEW 2016

The EXOGLO Men’s Heated Vest uses the finest Primaloft? insulation, which combined with three (3) FabRoc? heating panels (one large kidney panel and two chest panels) creates a virtual circle of warmth and your own micro-climate.

This product is supplied with the EXO2 12V rechargeable power pack and charger. The 12V power pack comes with a wireless remote control for extra freedom.

The EXOGLO Men’s Heated Vest offers 3 – 5 hours of heating time depending on heating levels selected. The outer Flylite? fabric is shower proof, windproof and breathable. It is designed to be very lightweight and is ideal for a wide range of outdoor activities.

StormRider Bodywarmer (including 2.5mm Fused Cable)

Why garage your motorcycle for months out of the year? Now you can enjoy the outdoors just as much in January as you do in June? Why not be warm on your bulldozer even though the earth below you is frozen? Get the EXO2 StormRider Bodywarmer to make sure that you?re warm and safe all winter long.

A 2.5mm (10A) Fused Battery Cable is included with each StormRider Bodywarmer.

StormWalker Vest

The StormWalker Vest by EXO2 is a versatile garment for use both on and off the bike. Whether on a late fall walk or an early spring ride, the StormWalker Vest is sure to provide both warmth and comfort. With heated pockets you can now even leave the gloves at home. Great for golfers who want to extend their playing season and boaters who get chilly on the water no matter the season. Made with windproof, waterproof and breathable AirXtream? fabric, the EXO2 StormWalker Vest fits comfortably under any lightweight jacket.

A 1.3mm (10A) Fused Battery Cable is included with each StormWalker Vest.

Venture Men’s Battery Heated Fleece Vest

Battery Heated Fleece Vest for Men By Venture

$189.99 $168.99

VentureHeat’s Collection features sleek, modern designs with targeted heating panels. The Men’s Heated Soft Shell Vest has raised the bar in outerwear vests with hair-thin heating elements and a redesigned temperature controller.

$189.00 $160.00
Venture Men’s Battery Heated Fleece Vest

Xtreme Comfort Technology with hair-thin, micro fibers allowing for a more flexible range of motion without the heavy layers!

$199.00 $170.00
Venture Men’s Battery Heated Nylon Vest

Enjoy spending more time outdoors with extended heated comfort without letting the forecast dictate your fun.

  •  Over 5 hours of heated comfort
  •  Full upper body warmth
  •  Temperature Controller Included
$219.99 $188.00
CRACOW – 7v™ Men’s Insulated Heated Vest
  • Ultra soft fine denier nylon shell quilted with 80 grams of high retention insulation
  • 4 Panel Heating System
  • Safe & Durable 3v Heating Technology
  • Includes a powerful 7.4v 2900mah rechargeable lithium battery & charger
  • Built-in 4 level microprocessor controller to select desired heat output
  • Provides over 150 degrees of soothing heat on high for 2.5 hours
$225.00 $199.99
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