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Women’s Thermite Battery Jacket by Gyde

Gyde Microwire technology will provide even heating for ultimate comfort


$330.00 $269.99
Battery Heated Women’s Puffy Jacket by Gyde
  • Reaches temperatures up to 135° F
  • Provides even heating for ultimate comfort
  • Double layer of baffles to provide added warmth and secure fibers for increased insulation
  • Designed to be close fitting for enhanced warmth


$400.00 $374.99
Venture Women’s Soft Shell Battery Heated Jacket

A tailored cut featuring clean lines and smooth curves completes the jacket's modern look. To adapt to your individual needs, a built-in temperature controller allows you to adjust the heat to your exact needs.

The Xtreme Comfort Technology provides active heat to its 4 strategically placed flexible heating panels to efficiently transfer the heat to your core.  An integrated 3 level controller allows you to create a personal microclimate with push of a button.

  • Customizable Temperature Controller
  • Slim, Clean Design
  • Hair-Thin Heating Elements
  • Over 5 hours of Powered Heat
$249.99 $199.99
Women’s Battery Heated Jacket: Hybrid
  • Reaches temperatures up to 135° F
  • Equipped with a dual mode 7 volt battery and wall charger
  • Gyde’s Microwire technology provides even heating for ultimate comfort.


$400.00 $349.99
Women’s 7v Heated Coastal Jacket
  • High quality soft shell fleece fabric
  • Soft and warm tricot lining, the inside of the sleeves is fleece
  • 3 zone heating with 2 shoulder heating panels and 1 large back heating panel
  • Provides up to 170 degrees of soothing heat for 2 hours on the highest setting
  • Includes 7.4v 2600mAh battery and charger


$199.99 $185.00
EXOGLO Women’s FreeStyle Heated Jacket

Whatever the weather, whenever and for wherever you may need it, obtain penultimate warmth with your high performance EXOGLO FreeStyle Heated Jacket. With core-heating element, FabRoc, a revolutionary material invented for use in the aerospace industry, panels are sewn into your EXOGLO jacket to provide direct heat to your core strategic areas, transferring warmth throughout your body. FabRoc panels are pre-set to a maximum surface temperature of 122øF. It is not possible to overheat FabRoc, as it automatically alters the power as it reaches operating temperatures.

An EXOGLO 11.1 volt, 3 Level Lithium-Ion Battery with Remote Control and Charger is INCLUDED. Additional batteries and chargers are sold separately.

** This jacket is designed to be powered ONLY by the EXOGLO 11.1 volt Lithium-Ion battery. Use of another battery or power supply will void the garment’s warranty and could cause damage or injury to the product and user. **

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