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FIR65º Deep Heat Far Infrared Energy Blanket

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The FIR65º Energy Blanket is a FIR – Far Infrared Ray – ”deepwarmth” innovated product that produces far infrared radiation and stimulates the body very effectively from a near distance. The FIR65º Energy Blanket is a very safe, effective and an economic way to remove toxins and metabolic waste stored in the body.

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FIR65º Energy Blanket

The FIR65º Energy Blanket is a full-enclosure FIR technology device, with full-enclosure controlled body heating zones, highly suitable for home use.

Sturdy and made for frequent operation. Provides a complete ”sauna” experience.

The FIR65º Energy Blanket is also portable and easy to clean, for travel or homeuse. The direct heat from the blanket allows for gentle radiant relaxation of the muscles, weight loss, body shaping and controlled perspiration. FIR65º Energy Blanket be used to conduct heating to the body (can be used together with slimming oil and elite oil etc.)

The FIR65º Energy Blanket is a FIR – Far Infrared Ray – deep heat sleeping bag “not for sleeping” that produces FIR, far infrared radiation, and stimulates the body very effectively from a near distance. The FIR65º Energy Blanket is a very safe, effective and an economic way to remove toxins and metabolic waste stored in the body.

The product is very effective for weight control, weight loss and recovery. The product includes an intelligent control technology, which produces deep heat very evenly. The FIR65º Energy Blanket combines well-being, recovery and weight control functions without any negative effects on the human body. The product removes metabolic waste, fat and cellulite from the body very effectively. The FIR65º Energy Blanket suits for the whole family, for athletes, weight watchers, beauty salons, gyms and generally for all as a part of comprehensive well-being. The product is very easy to use and it does not take a lot of space.

System Composition and Functions

  • Digital Handheld Controller:adjusts and controls the temperature and timer settings of the blanket.
  • Power Box: supplies main power to the hand-held controller.
  • Energy Blanket: conducts FIR heating to the body.
    Made of PU (polyurethane) fabric, and a sponge layer (XLPE cotton) with canvas lining, with heating elements of carbon fiber.
  • Power Cord: supplies main power to the control box.
  • Connection Leads: connects the thermal blanket to the control box.


Innovated FIR65º Technology

IHP-TBAC140 #1 (1)
Certified by FIR65º Technology
First innovated FIR65º – Energy Blanket Active Edition
Convenient for fold, use and storage “mobile FIR sauna”
Adopting a variety of patent technology
Passive Cooling system “silent”
Two-sided Zipper
FIR65º Deep Heat Technology can penetrate 3-5 cm deep under the skin to decompose superfluous fat cells
Precise digital temperature control technology. Can adjust temperature by hand held controller.




Technical Specifications

  • Product name: FIR65º – Energy Blanket Active Edition
  • GS1/EAN-code: 6430037210037
  • Dimensions: 78.7 *36.2
  • The product dimensions spread open: 78.7*74.8
  • The product weight: 16.3 lbs
  • Operating temperature: 30ºC-60ºC
  • Voltage: 100V~120V 60 HZ  50HZ
  • Time function: 5-95 minutes
  • Control unit: One-channel adjustment (temperature | time)
  • Safety: The product material is UL safety approved. The product is waterproof, soft and flexible
  • Materials: Nylon, polyurethane cloth, space carbon fiber
  • Production Approvals & Certificates: CE, TUV, UL, CCC. LVD, EMC, ISO
  • Test in Finland: Kuortane Testing Lab, University of Jyväskylä
  • Product Package Size: 18*12*20 in
  • Package Weight: 8 / 7,4 (net)
  • Delivery Carton: 3 pcs
  • Delivery Carton Size: 37*18*22 in
  • Delivery Carton Weight: 51 lbs


Additional information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 11 × 20 in


2 reviews for FIR65º Deep Heat Far Infrared Energy Blanket

  1. Jonh M

    I’ve had lower back pain for years. Tried everything! We installed a Wooden sauna at our master bath room for treatment.
    Nothing works like this blanket! Excellent and comfortable.
    This heated device has helped to relax and reduce significantly my pain.

  2. Pat C.


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