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Therasage Portable Far-Infrared Sauna

(13 customer reviews)

$939.99 $874.99


Unlike conventional Infrared saunas that use electric heating that only heat your skin and might cause high levels of electromagnetic radiation, Therasage offers an enhanced therapeutic benefits through infrared saunas are made with antibacterial materials that are not chemically treated so there is no harmful off gassing.

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Therasage Portable Sauna

The Therasage Premium Portable Far Infrared Sauna with TheraFusion Technology is a one of kind!

Portable Infrared Sauna is the only portable sauna on the market that incorporates natural tourmaline discs, offering enhanced calming negative ions and active carbon fiber panels to deliver optimum FAR infrared heat and negative ion therapy. By far the best portable sauna on the market! The Therasage Portable Infrared Sauna offers all the benefits of the more expensive saunas at a fraction of the price, and without any of the space restrictions. It folds up easily for storage under a bed or in a closet, uses very little electricity and emits minimal EMF.

The unit also includes two soft terry cloth washable neck collars that zip on/off for easy cleaning, storage pockets, a folding chair and carrying case for convenience and portability. Relax, detoxify, improve circulation and boost your metabolism all while reading a book or watching TV in the privacy and comfort of your home! Or anywhere you like! Additional Mini FAR Infrared Space Heater is also available as an accessory for a maximum therapeutic infrared heat experience.


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Don’t let size, look or style of this portable far infrared sauna fool you!

This is the finest Portable Infrared Sauna on the market today and features exclusive polygraphite far-infrared heating panels to bathe your body from every angle in detoxifying infrared absolutely safe soothing heat. The Portable Infrared Spa is perfect for budget minded fitness enthusiasts or anyone wishing to gain the benefits of infrared heat therapy in the comfort of their own home.


Features and Benefits of the Therasage Portable Infrared Sauna:

  • Natural pain relief
  • Affordable price
  • Multi Setting Remote with Time and Temperature Control with auto shut off
  • Safe, long lasting therapeutic heat allows natural pain relief
  • Tourmaline for even distribution of Infrared Heat and Negative Ions
  • Includes two washable, removable terry cloth collars
  • Non-Toxic, Antibacterial materials
  • Includes carrying case & portable folding chair
  • Extra long 12-foot power cord
  • Uses simple 110v current and draws 30% less power than a hair dryer
  • Folds and stores easily under bed or in closet


Dimensions: 33″ Deep x 34″ Wide x 45″ High



Assembly Of F.I.R Sauna

Far Infrared Sauna

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 80 × 60 × 10 in


13 reviews for Therasage Portable Far-Infrared Sauna

  1. admin

    State of the art FIR pad

  2. Monica M Lord

    This is an awesome sauna. It arrived on time and in good packaging. It is made very well and the included heated chair is comfortable.
    I feel so good after a treatment.

  3. Melinda P. Neisser

    5 stars! This one Met my expectations in all ways. It does what the manufacturer promises regarding the heating levels.. It’s also easy to use and maintain

  4. Sara D. Holderfield

    I absolutely love it! For years I have wanted a sauna but I can’t stand breathing hot air. When I saw that the portable saunas let your head poke out, I was sold. It takes me about 20 minutes to begin to sweat, but wow!…do I ever sweat! I do that for cleanse and detoxify and my skin looks and feels younger and more hydrated.

  5. sasda

    I love this sauna! It works as advertised. The only reason I give four stars is because of smell of synthetic cover which becomes even stronger with hit.

  6. Robin Niswanger

    I’ve done my research before actually purchasing this portable infra red sauna. I am six feet tall, so it needed to be large enough for my height. It needed to be rigorous enough to withstand traveling and being set up and taken down each day. And it needed to get hot!
    Just a thought here about Far IR heat versus a conventional dry heat: hot doesn’t seem as hot, but the sweating is more profuse. Recovery time is shorter, and the feel good benefits are immediate. The heating discs on three sides provide even temperatures inside, the set up is easy, the controls simple to use. I do not use the chair because I like my face and head to receive the heat, too. I just climb inside and sit on the floor 🙂 And then I sweat. And sweat.

  7. jully

    We bought 2 suanas. 1 for my Pilates studio and for home. I have been using this for over a month now and I have lost weight! The first few times my skin pours wouldn’t open. Now they open and I get a good sweat. Very relaxing and refreshing in the cold winter misery.

  8. Pam Tinsley

    I really enjoy using the therasage items! After allowing the product to off-gas as recommended online, I use the “black box” many times throughout the week. My muscles are more relaxed, I sleep better, I feel happier (I believe this is due to the release of toxins), and I burn calories! If you have ever considered a home sauna, please don’t hesitate on this one.

  9. Anne L. Doherty

    It has a foot heater! It’s just amazing! I’m very impressed with the whole experience and product. I’ve wanted an infrared sauna ever since my mom got a larger 4-person one several years ago. I got this one because it’s cheaper than a larger walk-in unit, it has low emfs, and I don’t have a lot of space in my house. It heats up super quick compared to the wood walk-in style and in about 20 mins I start sweating- It feels like it also gets hotter than the bigger ones. According to Ayurveda you shouldn’t heat your head- in this way, this unit is actually better than a walk-in sauna.

    I get compliments on it when my friends come over. I feel a little ridiculous and alien sitting in a box with my head popping out the top but seeing that my friends want one makes me feel less silly.
    I’ve used this everyday since it arrived over a week ago.

    My only complaint is that the chair that comes with it is not the best. I’m currently looking for another chair, a stool perhaps. This is probably just me being picky as I like to sit erect with my pelvis neutral (I’m a yoga teacher and mediator) and the chair creates more of a bucket seat posterior pelvic tilt which hurts my back after a while.
    Overall I can’t recommend this unit enough.

  10. Angelina Lawrence

    I have used the Therasage portable sauna three times. It was easy to unpack and set up by myself (and fairly easy to take down and move to a different location). I get a good sweat after preheating for 10 minutes and then using for 25 minutes

  11. Lacey Brindley

    I am so happy with this item! Getting anohter one for my sis

  12. Branda T

    We use it almost every night and always after a work out. Some good sweat! Really relaxing and helps to have a good nights sleep.

  13. Lisa

    Works great.. Only thing is i had to use out for a whole hour because 30 minutes did nothing

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