Venture FIR Therapy Wraps

 Cold-weather sporting activities need flexibility for the body which is not sufficiently provided by regular thermals.

To deal with the problem of stiffness and numbness we can take help of battery heated apparels.
Trekking, motorcycle riding, downhill skiing, winter biking and snowmobiling are some of my favorite adventure sports. The same would be the case with many of you. And the favorite part of the sport is that chilling cold outside and the thrill that you feel inside your body.

It is just awesome. In general we all like to enjoy snowfalls and stay in that cold climate for a little longer to feel that cloudy white flakes of snow to witness that softness and tenderness of nature. Nothing can be a better experience than that one. But most of the times we end up with numb hands feet or frostbite. That part does not allow you to enjoy your sport or the chilling activity to its completion. We all have warm clothes and other accessories but they stay in help until our body is able to produce heat. Once when you stop doing activities or when your body sweats our normal warm clothes and accessories tend to disappoint us.

You do not need to worry about that part if you are a part of the cold weather enjoying community.

There is a new generation of warm apparels specially designed with a battery and micro fibers to keep you heated on your desired temperature for long. The technology behind it is they have an inbuilt battery that can keep you in control of the desired temperature. You can adjust the temperature of your apparel without pulling it out and it is completely safe.



You would not get shocked if you worry for that reason. There is a small battery generally this type of apparels uses 12 volts of power stored by charging or inbuilt. You can find this technology best in products like Fleece jacket, fleece hoods and heated gloves. These types of products have a battery with them. You can use these jackets while you are riding and you can plug them directly with the batteries of the vehicle. These are how the electrical supported apparels would work. There is another technology that is heat storing technology.

In this the apparel is provided with a piece of gel or the whole piece can be microwaved this can retain heat for 30 minutes to 2 hours. The most common examples of these types of apparel are Microwaveable neck warmers it provides great relief to neck stiffness and other problems related to it. It can be a good help when you are involved in some sports. After riding a car or bike for 3 hours you need something that can help a lot with your body.

Our body has a certain amount of heat to keep it warm. This warmth is necessary to maintain flexibility in the body. External temperature tends to make body stiff. With the help of heating thermals you can get the desired temperature to keep your body inflexible state.


Far Infrared Healing Pads and Wraps

Venture offer a verity of pads for each and every part of the body. There are basically 2 options available:

  • Portable using rechargeable battery
  • At home using a wire connected to an outlet at home

Then, most pads come in 2 different sizes: Medium or Large.


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