Where should I position the sauna?

Where to position a Wooden Infrared Sauna?

When considering purchasing a wooden Far Infrared Sauna, the number one question we are asked by our customers is: Where should I position my Sauna at home?

Since it is a large device in can become the focal point of your living or bath room area. If you have a room that doesn’t feel right for that purpose but you can’t point the reason why, start by examining the convenience of entering and exiting the sauna while you keep your privacy as you are (almost) naked while using the infrared sauna.

The focal point of your home should be something special, something unique, something contrasting or maybe all of the above. Your Wooden Sauna focal point guides every visitor’s eye to and make you home look fabulous when guests are there to enjoy a nice session of Infrared, dry heat detoxification unit.



Two special designers in North Carolina are masters of their craft. They created a really beautiful new bathroom with Jacuzzi, Infrared Sauna, shower head, floors and tiles. The two proved the delicacy these women achieved is astounding. The potters decided to avoid the overhead expenses so they were peddling their goods at flea markets, auctions and other such places.
You guessed the solution. Net auctions! They are thrilled that they don’t have to pack and lug around heavy boxes loaded with heavy pottery. They celebrated the fact that they can spend more time making gorgeous home spa for less! This room became the focal point of the entire house as at can be accessed from various rooms and can be seen from both the living are and the back yard, making it a special friendly spot for the residents and their guests.



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