Which sauna should I choose?

Which sauna should I choose?

Sauna options:  Indoor or out door?   Steam or wet?  Traditional or Infrared?

We offer top quality infrared saunas with carbon and ceramic heaters in wide range of sizes and styles. Our infrared sauna sizes range from mini to 10-person. All of Therasage Indoor Saunas are certified for home use! The far infrared heat is so very efficient it allows the person to experience all the benefits of the heat without feeling as hot as they would in a regular sauna. They also feature three large glass panels which prevent the claustrophobic sensation often described in other lower priced home saunas.

InfraredSauna-benefits.com focuses on Infrared saunas only however outdoor saunas have room for 1 to 4 people and come with ceramic heaters for optimal results! Our outdoor saunas are manufactured with the latest technology in order to provide you with maximum energy efficiency! Many sizes, options and accessories are available.


So for home use we definitely recommend a F.I.R sauna as oppose to traditional ones. An outdoor sauna should be used more in naturally warmer areas where the weather cannot interfere with the Sauna’s operation.


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